Hi all,

The Campaign to Save Tara would like to officially announce that John Quigley, an internationally renowned aerial artist, as well as Stuart Townsend will be creating a piece of human aerial art on the Hill of Tara on Sunday 23rd September.

People wanted to help create an aerial art event at Tara on that day -

meeting at 3pm in the car park.

Wear white

Bring rain gear to sit on.

Join us in creating a striking human aerial image to tell the world about the destruction of the Gabhra Valley.

Photo will be created by internationally renowned aerial artist John Quigley.


We need between 500-1000 people to spell out the words SAVE TARA VALLEY and the outline of a harp on the hill.

To see John Quigley's work visit his website: http://www.spectralq.com/


To give you some background - the first suggestion of this event arose in March of this year when Stuart approached me. Then John Quigley and himself came back with a firmer suggestion in August.

The original date was to be the 22nd Sept but that clashed with the Harpists event that is taking shape at present and spreading to America.

We tried to change the date to 29th Sept but there were flight complications for those involved.

A number of phone conversations took place between the co-ordinator of CST and John Quigley over the past week. Then we had a phone conferencing call last night with Stuart John and myself and filled the co-ordinator in on the result.

We had a meeting tonight to iron out the details.

We will need about 30 volunteers to help shape the people into letters as well.

Muireann Ni Bhrolchain