Hi All

I am somewhat confused by the contents of this statement from the Green
Party of 25 July 2007 on behalf of Minister John Gormley, Minister for
Environment, Heritage & Local Government when commenting on newly
discovered National Monument archaeological at Lismullen on the proposed
M3 route.

Question: is it the post holes and the remains of the posts which is the
newly announced National Monument?

Surely it's the site, its no different with the Hill of Tara or Croagh
Patrick, so what are they (expert committee which includes Dr. Patrick
Wallace and Conor Newman)talking about when the state" The Committee has
advised (The Minister I presume) that the remains at Lismullen are too
fragile in situ and must be recorded and removed". Why have they to be
removed and if the are removed and replaced with suitable marker posts
which is only to be expected after posts are exposed to the air etc
after 3000 to 4000years they are bound to be fragile, did they think
they could make hurleys for the Kilkenny team for the All-Ireland in
September from the remains of the posts, get real, get real.

If it is the site is the National Monument which former Minister of
Environment Dick Roche announced as a National Monument last April, then
nothing changes, it's the bloody site stupid.

So move the road John and no more excuses!

Phillip Cantwell
Independent Councillor MCC